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sixth government

This term, under Netanyahu, has been characterized by many, including President Biden, as " of the most extremist members of cabinets that I've seen," distinguishing it as the most right-wing administration ever to govern Israel. In addition to the Likud (Netanyahu's party), the government includes ultra-orthodox parties (Shas & United Torah Judaism), the settlers' parties (Religious Zionist & Otzma Yehudit), and an ultra-right-wing anti-LGBTQ party (Noam).
Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu formed his first government in 1996. After losing the subsequent elections, he took a hiatus. In 2009, Netanyahu established a coalition that returned him to power. However, his majority in parliament was lost in 2021. After no fewer than five general election rounds, Netanyahu finally secured a parliament that supported his government. Given that every faction of this coalition is vital to its survival, Netanyahu wholly relies on his partners.

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Timeline for Natanyahu's time in power
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the government

Netanyahu stands at the entrance to his first trial (photo: LAAM)
Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime minister
Netanyahu's Sixth Government

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